Executive summary of the collective vision of Harvester International Ministries & Namakwaland Farms at Lake Birinzi, Masaka, Uganda. 


“Reform the church to reform the land”

We believe the church is a vital partner with National Government to bring positive community transformation to a nation.

Our work in a nation is primary through bringing reformation in mindsets, values, traditions, and the hearts of the church towards a Christ-centered theology and practice.

Mission & Objectives

Establish a profitable commercial Potato farming enterprise and model in Masaka, Uganda that produce high volumes of quality staple food in Africa for Africa – To enable a sustainable income source for ministry activities and a come-and-look Knowledge Transfer model. A commercial farm provides the infrastructure for the small-holder farmers to flourish.

  • High Profitability – Sustainable Profit
  • High Moral Road – Ethical Standards in business affairs and marketing
  • High Quality – Produce that provides maximum nutritional value
  • High Production – Maximum yield per ha
  • High Farming standards and practice

Establish a Miracle Bible College and Training Centre in Masaka, Uganda focussed on:

  • Spiritual and Religious Studies – Miracle Bible College
  • Small Holding Farmer training – Foundations for Farming
  • Business Ethics & Professionalism – Work4aLiving
  • Mentoring to existing commercial farmers – Knowledge Transfer
  • We will also provide this training by request for local churches by training their trainers, so that they can have their own Bible School & Training center onsite.

Establish a local Marketing Value Adding Chain in Kampala

  • Market penetration from super retail tot small retail and informal market.
  • Washing and packaging of Irish Potato
  • Partnership with Love Peace & Unity Pastors Destiny Forum to provide product at special price, in order that participating churches can sell product for their own profit.
  • Future Plans for Processing Plant for making chips.

Establish Irish Potato Farmers Associations all around the country that will benefit from

  • buying quality seed from us,
  • receive Foundations for Farming training,
  • and receive higher prices for their product via our Marketing Chain Initiatives to attain shelf space in more profitable markets local and foreign.

Networking with Existing NGO’s and Ministries

Harvester International Ministries: Founder Dr. Andre Pelser (www.harvesterchurch.net)

Specialist, Farmer and developer: Tobias Basson (tobias@namakwalandsitrus.com & www.namakwalandsitrus.com)

Praat saam