Conference Program

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Conference Presentations


Uganda Conference Introduction– Apostle Jan

Uganda General –  (Powerpoint Presentation) – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen

Biblical vision for Agriculture –  (Powerpoint Presentation) – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen

Commercial Farming Nation Building – (Powerpoint Presentation) – Apostle Tobias Basson

Foundations for farming conference

Foundations for farming 1


Restoring the Holiness of God in secular life – (BLOG post) – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen

The HighGrow Agri Model – (Powerpoint Presentation) – Apostle Tobias Basson

Reform the church to reform the land – (Powerpoint Presentation) – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen

The Fivefold Ministry – (Powerpoint Presentation) – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen

How can the church come out of poverty – (Powerpoint Presentation) – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen

Breaking out of Poverty – (PDF Notes) – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen


Value Chain Management – (Powerpoint Presentation) – Apostle Tobias Basson

Biological Farming – Jan Genis

Productivity Standards VS People welfare and care

Restoring the Biblical Power of Correction – (Powerpoint Presentation) – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen

Business and the Jesus Life Model – Jan Genis


Import and export standards methodology, Mechanisation of Agriculture

Application of fertilizers and compost – Jan Genis

Unlocking Growth potential – Irish Potatoes, Poultry, Cage Fish Farming

The relationship reform: Relationships, Networking, Unity and Diversity.  (BLOG Post) – Apostle Jan Oosthuizen


Trends in Agriculture

Community Transformation

Value Chain Development


FOR MORE INFORMATION: – Funding Solution – mobile information solution – Solar irrigation – Uganda Commodity INDEX

Chris Sperling
Farming God’s way (Jinja) Uganda