Mark Zuckerburg Harvard 2017 graduation speech

Micheal Jr

A Rich Man Comes to Jesus
Luk 18:18-30
(Matthew 19:16-30; Mark 10:17-31)

At Mark Zuckerburg Harvard 2017 graduation speech he focussed on Purpose. How can we make the world a better place? How can we connect the world? Finding your purpose is why so many millennial are giving themselves to ISIS. Gathering things and money cannot give you purpose.

See the focus of the story: “Jesus loved him” Jesus was not trying to give this man the raw deal. He asked for eternal life, he was looking for purpose. Jesus wanted to give him purpose. Gathering things and making money can only have purpose if it serves Jesus.

Micheal Jr, says that a turning point in his life was, when he did no longer try to get people to love, but rather give them an opportunity to love. Jesus instructed this man, to sell everything and give. When we live life to give ourselves away, you will find your purpose in life.

If he chose to except the offer and follow Jesus, he would learn like the disciples to become fishers of men. He being a rich man and having many possessions, would thus have discovered his riches in mission. Mission gives us purpose. Paul was on a mission: Apostle to the Gentiles. Boet Pretorius testified that before he lost his farm, he was the owner of a 3000 ha farm, now he is farming 30000 ha, through training people to farm. He found his purpose in God’s mission for him. Apostle Andre Pelser has travelled to 120 nations thus far, finishing the call he received as 13yr old boy, by Auntie Raper, “God will use you in other lands.”

The camel being the biggest animal in Israel, going through the smallest hole of a needle is impossible. So it is impossible for the rich to enter the kingdom. The issue is not having riches, but trusting in the riches. Mark 10:24
See Ps 62:10; Luk 16:11; 1Tim 6:17
Rich people may think they can fix everything with money, and they can’t.

Following Christ cost you everything. As a good soldier endure suffering 2 Tim 2:3; 2 Tim 3:12. We do loose friends and family, following Jesus and when we enter into missions. But see the riches of the family and friends you enter into. The genius of the body of Christ!

May God open your eyes to Calling, Inheritance and power we have in Christ. Eph 1:17-21. His kingdom is the pearl of great price. But we have to sell everything to get it. Mat 13:45-46

Selling everything and investing into the church. Acts 2:45; 4:34 “no one lacked”

Praat saam