The fruit of the spirit: patience, longsuffering, self-restraint, forbearance, and tolerance is vital for survival in a world filled with frustrations, anger, greed, racism and selfishness.

Proper time for every procedure, Ecclesiastes 8:6.

Conclusion worth waiting for, Ecclesiastes 7:8.

Growth takes time, Mark 4:28.

Patient awaiting promise, Hebrews 6:12 (CEV).

Learning patience through trials, testing, James 1:2–4.

Patience “in full bloom,” James 1:4 (LB).

Farmer’s patience awaiting harvest, James 5:7.

LONGSUFFERING G3115   (Word Study)

μακροθυμία makrothumía; gen. makrothumías, fem. noun from makrothuméō (G3114), to be long-suffering. Forbearance, long-suffering, self-restraint before proceeding to action. The quality of a person who is able to avenge himself yet refrains from doing so (Rom 2:4; Rom 9:22; Gal 5:22; Eph 4:2; Col 1:11; Col 3:12; 1Ti 1:16; 2Ti 4:2; Heb 6:12; Jas 5:10; 2Pe 3:15; Sept.: Pro 25:15; Isa 57:15; Jer 15:15). In Heb 6:15, makrothuméō (G3114) is used of Abraham’s patient faith in God under the pressure of trying circumstances (Jas 5:7-8). Makrothumía is patience in respect to persons while hupomonḗ (G5281), endurance, is putting up with things or circumstances. Both words are often found together (2Co 6:4, 2Co 6:6; 2Ti 3:10). Makrothumía is associated with mercy (éleos [G1656]) and is used of God.

Syn.: anochḗ (G463), tolerance; epieíkeia (G1932), clemency.

A. Exhortations to Patience

God often calls on us to wait

“wait on the Lord” (Ps. 27:14)

“wait patiently on Him” (Ps. 37:7)

“wait only upon God” (Ps. 62:25)

“They wait upon the Lord” (Isa. 40:31)

“The Lord is good to them that wait for Him”(Lam.3:25)

The disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4)

Christian to run the race “with patience” (Heb. 12:1)

B: Examples of Patience

Job is the most common example

Patient when his family and fortune were taken

Patient when his wife urged him to curse God and die

Paul was patient. He tells us of his thorn in the flesh, us of his thorn in the flesh, us of his thorn in the flesh. He prayed for God to remove the thorn. He prayed three times. Then God seemed to whisper to him, “ I will not remove the thorn, but I will give you grace sufficient to bear it.” Do you have a thorn? Do you have a cross to bear? Then asked God to bear it. He may not remove it but he will help you by giving added grace. Be patient.

The patience of Daniel in the lions den (Dan. 6)

Jesus was the greatest example of patience

Christ, an example of. Isa 53:7; Ac 8:32; Mt 27:14.

His patience with the disciples

His patience before Pilate

His patience on the cross Heb 12:2 for the joy that was set before Him 


You Can Be Patient – it is a fruit of the Spirit, you thus already have patience learn to cultivate it.

The Holy Spirit will calm you down

Your patience depends on your degree of surrender

Praat saam