Read Rom 5:1-21 

Throughout scripture we get this command to be rejoice in our trials (James 1:2; 1 Pet 1:6) 

Jesus said looking at the harvest and see it already white, ready for harvest. (John 4:35)

Every person has a certain number of filters by which we try to deal effectively with the complexities of the world.  In Noam Chomsky’s 1957 Ph.D. thesis, Transformational Grammar, he said there are three processes by which people create the filters of their individual Model of the World: Deletion; Distortion and Generalization. [1]

Regrettably, these filters can become barriers, limitations, restrictions, and self-made prisons to keep us save, yet confined.  We all have suffered rejection, verbal abuse, rudeness, disloyalty, and betrayal by someone.  We all have had hard times. We did not all win the races. We all have suffered humiliation for not being good enough at something.  

New research indicates that much of our biographical memory as a child is possibly not true. [2] We recreate our earliest childhood memories from second-hand collective shared memories of our families and siblings.  Even in court it has been found, that victim’s memories cannot always be trusted, because we do not only know, and see in part, we also remember in part. 

Let’s look at some people who have made a generally negative, or undesirable condition a strength.  They were forced to adapt, survive and use what they got!  Many, people however never make this shift! They get stuck in their deficiency.   

5 stories

Prostitute rug-addict mother, who tried to kill her child several times. 

Dr David Demartini have found that in every negative there is a positive, and in every positive there is a negative: Like, too much riches spoils and weakens children. Too much power corrupts! When the successful well-known US Prosecutor acknowledged that, although he justifiably hated his mother, she unknowingly installed a survival-drive in him, the intrinsic reason behind his success. [3]

Malcolm Gladwell’s book David & Goliath is well worth the read, to become inspired by how our weakness can become our strength! 

David Boies Dyslexia

David Boies became one of the most famous layers USA despite his dyslexia. Boies rose to national prominence for two major cases: leading the U.S. federal government’s successful prosecution of Microsoft in United States v. Microsoft Corp., his representation of Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore in Bush v. Gore.  Because of his reading disability he mastered the ability to memorize what he hears. Other famous people suffering from dyslexia is: Richard Branson, Orlando Bloom, Tom Cruise, Leonardo da Vinci, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein.[4]

The theory of desirable difficulty, make the font of CRT test difficult to read, increased over-all average. 

London bombing: 

In the years leading up to the Second World War, the British government was worried. If, in the event of war, the German Air Force launched a major air offensive against London, the British military command believed that there was nothing they could do to stop it. Basil Liddell Hart, one of the foremost military theorists of the day, estimated that in the first week of any German attack, London could see a quarter of a million civilian deaths and injuries. Winston Churchill described London as “the greatest target in the world” in 1940 the dreaded attack began, at one time 57 days of relentless daily bombing, 40000 people killed, 46000 injured.  Instead of breaking the morale of the British, it invigored them!  

Single parents, fatherless presidents.

Marvin Eisenstadt. The 573 eminent people for whom Eisenstadt could find reliable biographical information, a quarter had lost at least one parent before the age of ten. By age fifteen, 34.5 percent had had at least one parent die, and by the age of twenty, 45 percent. Sixty-seven percent of the prime ministers in her sample lost a parent before the age of sixteen.  Twelve of the first forty-four U.S. presidents—beginning with George Washington and going all the way up to Barack Obama—lost their fathers while they were young.

Personal bombing made rev. Fred Shuttlesworth believe he is invincible

Jay Freireich obnoxious and unsociable personality gave him the resolve to ignore people’s feelings and find a cure for children suffering of leukaemia. 

Jay Freireich Hungarian immigrants 1928 owned a small restaurant, market crash, father committed suicide. When Freireich arrived at the National Cancer Institute in 1955, 90% of the child leukaemia patients brought in would die in 6 weeks. Childhood leukaemia was then one of the most terrifying of all cancers.  Even today, in his eighties, Freireich is an intimidating man, six foot four and thick through the chest and shoulders. His head is oversize—even for a body as large as his—making him seem bigger still. He is a talker, fluent and relentless and loud, his voice inflected with the hard vowels of his native Chicago. In moments of special emphasis, he has the habit of shouting and pounding the table with his fist—which, memorably, once resulted in his shattering a glass conference table. Some remembers him as totally irrepressible, load, over-bearing, confrontational yet we love him. In 1965, Freireich and Frei published “Progress and Perspectives in the Chemotherapy of Acute Leukemia” in Advances in Chemotherapy, announcing that they had developed a successful treatment for childhood leukemia. Today, the cure rate for this form of cancer is more than 90 percent.

Regular arguments can be good for your marriage.  

Dr Gottman, found that marriages where couples argue regularly surprisingly last longer.  [5]

SOUTH AFRICA’s Surprising positives in the negatives: 

  • Immigration – peace force.
  • State capture and spending.
  • Malema’s calm before Cape Town chamber of commerce. EFF awakened the silent middle to reach out to the other, and stand together for social justice, equity instead of equality, values instead of entitlement, national cohesion instead of racial division and racism.  
  • Hearings on expropriation of land without compensation became national counselling session.

We all suffer the limits of:

Mythical sacredness of the single narrative.

Enculturation and structural collective sin. 

5 vital activities and actions to be accomplished. 

  1. God inspired Strategic Vision – It takes an intentional unique strategy.
  2. Strategic Goals – It takes hard work to find, and exercise the strategy towards a positive outcome.
  3. Ignore and silence automatic negative emotions – Pity is not your friend.
  4. Strategic Partnerships – Surround yourself with the right people
  5. Rigorous scrutiny, and Peer-review, and self-testing, keep on improving.  

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