Apostolic Ministry

The purpose of every activity in this church is to help you grow your relationship with God and become more and more Christlike in behavior, values, mindsets and character. (Gal 4:19; Col. 1:28-29; Eph 4:13) To be Christ-like is our Creational Purpose, and in Him, we discover our life. (Col 3:2; Rom 8:29) When Christ ascended, He gave the fullness of Himself not into one person but appointed five gifts, to equip the saints into Godly Christlike Living. (Eph 4:11-16)
Jesus is our chief apostle and example: (Heb 3:1)

Apostles are passionate to see God’s Kingdom and Will become common practise; “acculturation” (the adoption and assimilation of an alien culture) Social Reformers, Pioneers, Special Messengers, Missionaries.
FRUIT/OUTCOME: Accurate exemplary character and activities in the people and church, mature in Identity and Purpose

You grow in Apostolic Grace when you participate in the following activities:

Go on a Mission Trip.

Be mentored by an apostle.

Study and show yourself approved in Apostolic Doctrine.

Serve and participate in Apostolic Teams.

Help establish a new Church Plant.

Pioneer a new ministry in a new area.

Preke aangaande Kerkwees van uit ‘n Apostoliese perspektief:

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Kentekens van Moderne Apostoliese Bediening (at a Glance) Pdf Aflaai

Die hedendaagse bediening van die Apostel. Pdf aflaai 

Apostoliese bedryfstelsel van die eerste kerk. “Preek pdf aflaai”

Die Kentekens en voordele van ‘n Apostoliese gefundeerde gemeente. “Preek pdf aflaai” 

Die Vyfvoud bediening – Hoe werk dit presies? “Inligting pdf aflaai”

Die Sferiese Bestuursmodel vs Piramide Strukture. (Organiese natuurlike groei strukture) “Inligting pdf aflaai”

Die Waarheid omtrent KERK – ‘n Bybelse perspektief oor wat is Kerk. “Preek pdf aflaai”

True church – A Biblical worldview of what church is all about from God’s perspective. “Sermon pdf Link”

The Dynamics of the Corporate spirituality of church. “Sermon pdf Link” 

Hoekom is dit belangrik om aan ‘n kerk te behoort, en gereeld kerk toe te gaan.